Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Honestly now Mr. Clooney,

asking Suzanne Mubarak and her balding scionette to do something to help out in Darfur is like asking the Japanese to run Greenpeace.

The last time these boys put their pea-brains to solving a Sudanese problem, they went at a bunch of refugees like a liquored up Canadian goes after a baby seal on a lonely Saturday night.

Seems meanwhile that the bright lights at the White House are staying up late figuring out ways to make the mess in Eye-rack worse. Well, another 40,ooo heavily armed teenagers should do the trick nicely.

"Such a proposal, military officials and experts caution, would be a gamble," observes perspicacious hack Julian E. Barnes in the LA Times.

Yes, Julian, it would be a bit of a gamble. A bit like pouring gasoline on a grassfire in the hopes that it will somehow put it out is a gamble. A bit like jumping off the Golden Gate bridge because there is a chance that you'll learn to fly before you hit the barge is a gamble. A bit like giving Jimmy Mubarak a nightstick in the hopes that he'll stick it up his own ass is a gamble.

No wait. Scratch that last one.