Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gilad Shalit’s alive

or at least that's the story cooked up by Egyptian security. Must be a big relief to Dad Noam, knowing that the bright-lights in Lazoughly, who couldn’t stop three Bedouins and a one-eared donkey from flattening half the Sinai last year, are whispering this sweet truth in ear of Foreign Minister Aboul Gheit.

For the love of Christ, these are people who can't find chickens that villagers have hidden under their beds (who knew they had beds out there? Must be making too much money). And now they want us to believe they have a handle on the mess in Gaza?

Maybe they’re better with things in cages.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to Saddam Hussein. Seems the guy’s ready for death, or says he is anyway. Given that he’s supposed to be hung sometime in the next month, that’s probably a good thing.

Oh well. Gerald Ford’s dead, and so is James Brown. As are a bunch of beardies who got their heads beaten in by State Security. And so, soon enough, Saddam will join them. But if Omar Suleiman says Shalit’s alive, then there's hope that things will all turn out ok in the end.