Monday, December 18, 2006

George Bush cries

over spilled milk should have been the headline. Then I wouldn’t have missed it when GB I apparently broke down back on December 7th over the ruination of Jeb Bush’s White House chances by the increasingly petulant GB II.

The video is absolutely heart rending. The old man breaks down, holding the podium and sobbing as he reflects on the gubernatorial loss that put the smart son behind the stupid son in a game of dynastic leap-frog run amuck.

Here at Nation of Pearls we had a moment of silence for the old guy’s noble dream for the America his family has served so well, and so selflessly.

Perhaps he would take heart from a private viewing of the Sylvester Stallone’s comeback re-re-remake of Rocky. Hair plugged and dyed, nipples tweaked, chicken-neck nipped and tucked, pumped up, buffed up and sewn together with fishing twine, Christ himself only knows how the man gets up in the morning, Stallone, at 60 for God’s sakes, is “back in the ring.”

Honestly now, it’s like that scene in Fatal Attraction where Glen Close comes firing up out of the bathtub like Godzilla with a hangover to attack Michael Douglas, yet again.

Like they say down in Texas: it ain’t over till the old guy cries, and even then you gotta stay on your toes in case something nasty and wrinkly comes at you out of the bathtub.